Barrage launch into the TFT esports scene with the addition of Greensheep and Xeno!

Teamfight Tactics is one of Riot Games’ newest ventures albeit still accessed via League of Legends for now. Released on the 26th of June this year amongst direct competition with other auto-battler games like DoTA Underlords. Despite being released in conjunction with other big name titles, the games unique differences such as the ability to craft items, allowed the game to surge ahead of its rivals. Now, 5 months later, the game has found a new identity under the ‘Rise of the Elements’ update, changing the climate of the game completely.


Thankfully for the Battalion, Barrage’s newest recruits GreenSheep and Xeno are well prepared for the future of TFT, as they’ve both stated they are adapting to these changes well and are excited to compete in future events. After being given the chance to talk to both of these players individually I was able to gain a greater insight into their motivations moving forward as they represent the organisation. 


Introducing GreenSheep

GreenSheep comes into Barrage with plenty of esports experience under his belt. The former Hearthstone professional transitioned to TFT as he needed a “fresh start” after falling out of love with Hearthstone. Thankfully, he states that transitioning wasn’t that hard as “many aspects of HS and TFT are similar”, which GreenSheep has demonstrated by immediately achieving challenger rank in Season 1. After being asked how he is adapting to the ‘Rise of the Elements’ update, he commented that it was just a matter of “learning what the new traits are and what the champions do”, and that it is “easy to improve with every game”.


After asking GreenSheep for a final statement on what a TFT player potentially aspiring to become a professional could do to improve, he said “personally even for me I find I learn the most when I play the game but also watch streamers play, I can compare myself to them and look at points where they do something I don’t and see if that is better or not.”  So, if you’re a like-minded player looking for a streamer to learn from, you needn’t look further than GreenSheep himself, as he is Live on Twitch every Tuesday & Sunday between 14:00 and 18:00 GMT!


Introducing Xeno

The second recruit to be joining Barrage is Xeno. Despite having no previous experience in esports, Xeno certainly isn’t a player to underestimate. By his own admission he has “always been a competitive person” and achieved the highest rank in another autobattler DoTA Auto Chess before making the switch and achieving challenger in TFT’s first ranked season. Xeno has stated that he aims to use this opportunity to play at the highest level and play against “the best players not only in Europe but perhaps other regions if possible”, showing the drive and ambition that he is going to bring to Barrage.


Xeno is already experiencing some of that “drive and feeling you get when competing for a prize or high stake” as he found himself finishing 3rd overall after the first night of LVP UK’s TFT tournament. This safely sees him though to the finals this coming weekend but he admits “I still need to work to get better and more consistent”. You can also catch Xeno over on Twitch every Tuesday & Thursday between 19:00 & 21:00 GMT!

Honestly? I think we’re in safe hands guys!


Article written by Jacob Mitchell

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