We are really pleased to be welcoming two new members of staff to the Battalion in Kris and Ian. Kris will be Barrage’s new Social Media Manager whilst Ian will be helping with Marketing and Partner relations.
We spoke to them both about joining the brand and their reasons for joining the Battalion.

“I joined Barrage to learn more about the esports world and make a difference using my current skill set whilst gaining new skills. Barrage is one of the most reputable organisations in the UK scene, with a lot of amazing talent both past and present. I believe there’s a great deal I can learn from them and love that they are representing women in the esports community as well as their support for SpecialEffect, a charity I hope to work with more in the future.” – Kris

“When I first met Jeff and James, they described to me the type of organisation they ran, and I loved it. They were taking every opportunity to expand, the atmosphere within the organisation really sounded like a family, and I knew that this early on in my career, that was exactly what i wanted. This is my first job in the esports industry, and although I had the theory locked down from university, I needed the experience, and to be shown how things are run in the real world. I knew that Barrage would be the best place for me to do that.” – Ian

Despite the announcement only being today, the pair have been working on projects behind the scenes since Insomnia back in August, they told us about how they had found it so far.

“So far, I’ve only met a few of the players and management but they have been welcoming and hilarious. I feel like I’ll do just fine working alongside them and possibly make some great long term friends. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to take one of my first major steps in the industry with the Battalion family.” – Kris

“So far Barrage is exactly what I thought it would be. Despite the hard push for growth, and the constant desire to become bigger and better, there is a sense of happiness, with regular group calls, switching from business calls, to just social calls. This is the exact reason I wanted to work in esports. Everyone always says, find a job you love, and you won’t work a day in your life, and right now that is exactly true. I am loving the work that I am doing with Barrage, and even more than that, I am loving the people I am working with, who are helping me every step of the way.” – Ian

Finally we asked them about what sort of projects they would be working on.

“I intend to help revamp the overall branding of Barrage and increase audience engagement via more frequent and diverse social media activity as well as build an inclusive community of gamers who, regardless of their skill level or game choice can have a great time and meet new people. We have a lot of great plans and content in the wood works and I look forward to executing them all as part of the Barrage management team.” – Kris

Right now I am working on creating and growing the Barrage network, reaching out to various companies and trying to build a professional relationship with as many of them as possible. One disadvantage I have had coming into the job was that I don’t currently know many people in the industry, due to this being my first role, so that is something i’m trying to change as soon as possible. The second thing I am working on the is the team’s YouTube channel, an area that is already well established. Sponsors love video content, where we can show of their products, and we are aiming to work with bigger companies on some unique pieces of content.” – Ian

Make sure to follow the pair on their socials and stay tuned for more information on the projects they are working on!

Kris – https://twitter.com/amorphess
Ian – ​https://twitter.com/DokuUK

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