Just hours prior to the beginning of the RLCS Major this past weekend, we made a public announcement of a decision to bench Ole ‘Oaly’ Van Doorn due to unprofessional conduct. Today, we would like to provide some context and transparency on what led to that decision being made.








The following reasons contributed to the decision to bench Ole:

  • Publicly slandering other player/s in the organisation which was detrimental to the team environment
  • Sharing replays from private scrims publicly
  • Trialling with other teams & players without the organisation’s permission or knowledge
  • Disclosing parts of confidential agreements and/or contract details with 3rd parties
  • Failure to communicate with staff and players in the lead up to the Major


We understand that Ole is a young player and this is the first time he has been signed to an organisation. We therefore gave him the opportunity to rectify the issues during a call on the 15th of October, ensuring he understood the problems and advising him on how to resolve the situation. Ole made the decision to discuss this with parties outside the organisation and initially made no attempt to resolve any of the issues or respond to management staff in the build up to the Major. Since the Major, Ole has reached out to discuss the situation and apologised for his behaviour.


The decision to bench Ole was not one we took lightly however given the circumstances we did so in order to maintain the best possible team environment for the Major. We understood that by doing this it may affect our performance and ultimately our placement.


As it stands, Ole is still contracted to the organisation and we hope he will work with us to continue to develop both in and out of the game. He is an extremely talented young player and someone we hope can reflect on and learn from this situation to become a better teammate for the future.


Further details will follow in the coming days regarding our roster situation for the Winter RLCS season.

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