The Lucid Sound LS25 headset recently received some improvements, so naturally we got our grubby little mitts on some and took them for a spin. Have a read of what we thought of them!

After feedback was passed on the original version of the LS25 headset, Lucid Sound decided to make some improvements to what is dubbed their ‘esports’ headset. That is however not to say the original was bad in any way shape or form, in fact it was quite the opposite but there was still room for improvement.

So, let us tell you what is good about the LS25 headset and why it is potentially the most important peripheral in your gaming arsenal! Whether you are an esports pro or just a casual gamer, you always want to improve your game and top the leaderboards after all!

COMFORT: For those long grind sessions it is not only important that your equipment works perfectly but that it is also comfortable for hours on end. Both iterations of the LS25, and the LS30 headset for that matter are extremely comfortable. The newest model of the LS25 even more so due to a change in the shape of the ear cups. These have been changed from a rounded shape to oval shaped which improves the space for your ears, not only making it more comfortable but also reducing the chance of sweaty ears (yes this is a thing). The ear cups also now benefit from full leather surroundings whereas the previous version were partly cloth, not only adding to the comfort but in turn improving the noise isolation also. The headset itself is also extremely light on your head, combined with plenty of padding in the headband, means that no matter how long you are wearing it, it does not hurt the top of your head.

SOUND QUALITY: We’ve already touched on the noise isolation that the new earphone shape and material grants however let’s talk about general sound quality. The sound is easily adjustable using a wheel surrounding the left earcup, plugging directly into your console or PC. This does limit your options somewhat compared with the LS30 however which has 3 built in EQ settings plus adjustable game and chat sound directly from the ear cups. That being said, the sound quality is excellent compared with other headsets at a similar price point.

MICROPHONE: The LS25 has 2 microphones, the first of which is the removable boom microphone which is great quality and reduces background noise to a minimum. The mute function on the headset is built into the right ear cup and is a simple press to mute. The boom microphone also has a handy and sleek looking red led built into the tip to remind you that you muted yourself. Without the boom microphone attached the LS25 has a second built in microphone in the left ear cup, meaning it can still be used when you’re out and about for phone calls without it looking like you are using a headset designed for gaming. Whilst the secondary microphone doesn’t have the same noise reduction as the boom microphone, it is still an excellent addition.

DESIGN: Arguably the least important in terms of improving your game but you still want something great looking on your head. Gaming headsets have a real tendency to look garish and you wouldn’t be seen dead outside the house in many of them. That is however not the case with the LS25. It’s sleek black and red aesthetic looks great anywhere and is especially friendly out and about due to the aforementioned boom microphone.

Here’s what some of our players had to say about the new headsets:

“The headsets are good looking, they are comfortable on your head. You can freely adjust how much space your head needs and the overall sound and microphone quality is great!” – Bartiono

“The LS25 has great aesthetics and a very comfortable design. Good sound/microphone quality and with the detachable microphone it also has fantastic portability for use not just when gaming.” – The Governor

“Clear sound and good quality microphone, easy access to volume and mic control on left and right ear cups and can be adjusted to head size, overall a headset definitely worth the money.” – Jakamaka

Interested in picking one up for yourself? Here is the list of exactly where you can find one – ​

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