Please welcome our new Creative Director, Liam ‘Excite’ Davies to Barrage! Liam, who has previously worked with several other UK organisations has chosen Barrage as his new home.
We spoke to Liam about his decision to join Barrage and to not return to the recently re-opened Team Descend.

“I think Barrage is a great company working in esports and I have always had the utmost respect for them. After speaking to Jeff on many occasions and travelling down to Insomnia to work with them for the weekend, I got a great taste of what it would be like to be part of the team. Since being around the esports scene, Barrage has always been a top UK organisation, with my first memory watching them beat Optic Gaming at ESWC 2015. Leaving Team Descend was a difficult decision since I had a great relationship with all the staff. I wish Ali and Peter the best of luck with their future endeavours at the organisation.”

Liam also spoke about his hopes for Barrage and what he is hoping to achieve going forward.

“When working with Barrage, I am looking to work with larger companies, clients and on more significant projects than I have ever previously done. I have been looking to dedicate my time and experience to a company and use my previous experience to help bring great results. I believe we can be one of the best UK organisations and perform at the highest level throughout different esports titles. As the Creative Director I will be working on lots of different projects including advertising, marketing, working with designers, artists and sales”

Liam has been working with Barrage for a few weeks already and we will be releasing more information on some of the projects he has been working on very soon! Stay Tuned!

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