Barrage Bolsters it’s Content Team with several new additions!

For some time now, Griefdrums, a rainbow six: siege streamer and youtuber has been the sole member of Barrage’s content team. This week however saw a flurry of new additions to that team ahead of the NLC Summer inaugural split. First up was Lyzaboom, a league of legends streamer, from Italy but living here in the UK. Next saw the addition of Desember, a norweigian streamer who also plays league of legends, valorant and other titles. Finally we saw the return of James ‘The Governor’ Gove to Barrage. The Governor, an ex-player for Barrage, recently moved into a casting and hosting role and ran the promising UKLC After Show at Enclave last season. He will continue in that role at Barrage, casting tournaments and hosting a new show for ourselves!

You can check out all the members of Barrage’s content and stream team over on our Twitch team page –

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