About Barrage

Barrage is a professional esports organisation founded in 2014 and is one of the most recognisable brands in the European esports scene.


Barrage, by the dictionary definition is: ‘A concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.’ In gaming terms that definition is correct, however to those involved, Barrage is far more than that. A community striving to involve as many as possible, a family that has grown over the years to become what is it today. From the staff, to our players and to the fans who support us, we have respect for each and every one of them. Barrage provides the tools and experience needed to succeed and enable everyone to achieve their full potential for the present and future.

Throughout our journey, we have experience nurturing some of the best talent in the EU. Each have respectfully earnt their placements in Call of Duty. Players; Bance, Hawqeh, Joee, Reedy, MadCat and Rated, all who won or placed highly under Barrage. At ESWC 2015, Barrage were put into the group stage alongside Optic Gaming, famously beating the roster of Scump, Crimsix, Formal and Enable. Barrage has also been responsible for nurturing some of the World’s best Overwatch players in Smex and Fusions of NRG and Boston Uprising respectively.

In League of Legends, we secured a spot in the inaugural Forge of Champions season, a result of Top 8 with a total of 4,600 points throughout the tournament. One of our players James ‘Governor’ Gove was nominated as UK esports player of the year alongside Call of Duty star Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewen and CS:GO prodigy Owen ‘Smooya’ Butterfield.

Notable Achievements

  • Approved for the NLC inaugural season for League of Legends
  • 3rd Place – UKLC Spring 2020
  • Approved for the UKLC inaugural season for League of Legends
  • Qualified & competed in the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League on both Xbox & PC
  • Back to back event wins in Rocket League (Insomnia 61, Horizon Liverpool & Epiclan 22)
  • 4th in the World – World Electronic Sports Games (Women’s Hearthstone)
  • 12th in the World – Hearthstone Team’s Championship Tour
  • Multiple Tavern Hero wins (Hearthstone)
  • Finalist for UK Esports Awards Manager of the Year (2018) – Jeff
  • Finalist for UK Esports Awards Videographer of the Year (2018 & 2019) – Tobias
  • Beat Optic Gaming – ESWC 15 (Call of Duty)
  • £4,500 raised for Special Effect charity